The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator

The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator


Insights from Australia's top Sales & Marketing Leaders

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The [axr] Sales & Marketing Director Incubator

our mission

Connect current and future Sales & Marketing leaders

The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator aims to create the Directors of the future.

The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator is a career program for future sales and marketing leaders to learn about the career journeys of leading Directors, General Managers, Managing Directors, Founders and CEOs, from a variety of leading Australian and International organisations, to help them make better career decisions that enable their career to broaden and go further towards achieving the goal of becoming a Director.

We created the program to also provide long-term support and in the spirit of building a community, we have also created from the sessions a career podcast, Your Future in Sales & Marketing. 




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How it works

Live Sessions

The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator program will give participants online access to leading Senior leaders in a series of online webinar fortnightly sessions.

We have chosen some of Australia's top Sales and Marketing Directors to share their insights. They have been handpicked to share their perspectives on their career journey and challenges in reaching senior leadership. Each will bring their unique story and insights around their own personal career goals and challenges to achieving success.

The sessions are designed in a Q&A structure to encourage active participation by all participants and give each person the unique opportunity to learn directly from leading Directors.

The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator will equip future leaders to have better career conversations and make decisions that help maximise their career potential.

How it helps

Your future in Sales & Marketing

This unique opportunity will allow you to:

  • Learn what skills and experiences you need to perform as a Senior leader.
  • Understand the varying pathways that gather experiences and develop competencies.
  • Understand how a T-Career creates more leadership career options.
  • Improve the upward longevity of your career, increasing all-of-career satisfaction and income.
  • Make better decisions that align with long-term career planning

This career program will ensure you continue to be highly competitive in the leadership talent market and that you boost your network of senior FMCG sales and marketing leaders. The sessions are also available on our career podcast, Your Future in Sales & Marketing

Your Future In Sales & Marketing with Mike Dickson-sales & Marketing recruitment Director

What our clients say

Daniela Stapleton

AXR is a highly specialised and professional recruitment agency. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Dickson over the last 6 months and highly regard and recommend his counsel, experience and networks in the Australian FMCG and Alcoholic Beverages Industry.

Vivian Zurlo

I have always appreciated Mike and the AXR team’s sound professional advice. With significant industry experience and deep level of commitment to client care, as well as candidate support, I would highly recommend Mike and the team for any business critical assignments!

Marcell Acs

I worked with Mike as a candidate for an exciting role at a tier 1 firm and just wanted to thank him for all his help. His feedback really helped me craft my career story and his guidance throughout the recruitment process was invaluable. Without Mike’s help, I would not have been as successful.

Mike has a deep network and industry knowledge. Also, he is just a good bloke and I felt he was genuinely passionate about helping my career! I definitely recommend talented candidates looking for the right role at leading companies reach out to him.

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The Sales & Marketing Director Incubator Host

Mike Dickson

Sales & Marketing

I am a Partner and Executive Director for [axr]. I lead the Sales and Marketing Practice and specialise in recruitment for mid to senior sales, marketing, category, and insights roles for the FMCG and Consumer sectors. I am also the Program Director for the [axr] Sales & Marketing Director Incubators and podcast host of “Your Future in Sales & Marketing”.

It's your career , not a job

Our mission is to prepare people to have better career conversations, to make great career decisions, to enable individuals and organisations to get the best return out of their relationship.