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The CFO Incubator

our mission

Connect current and future Accounting & Finance leaders

The CFO Incubator aims to create the CFOs of the future.

The CFO Incubator is a series where a future leader will learn about the career journeys of leading CFOs from a variety of leading Australian organisations to help future leaders like you make better career decisions and build the momentum towards achieving the goal of becoming a CFO.

We created the program to also provide long-term support and in the spirit of building the community, our CFO Incubator Alumni will be encouraged to continue their involvement with the CFOI community and introduce talent aspiring to become a future CFO.




CFO Incubator breakfast session with leading CFOs

How it works

CFO Breakfast Series

The CFO Incubator program will give participants direct access to leading CFOs over a series of four intimate breakfast sessions.


The selected CFOs have been hand-picked to share a range of perspectives on the career journey and developmental challenges to breaking through to the role of CFO and beyond.


The sessions are designed in a Q&A structure to encourage active participation by all participants and give each person the unique opportunity to address their individual career challenges.


The CFO Incubator will equip future accounting and finance leaders to have better career conversations and make decisions that help maximise their career potential.

How it helps

Build your future in Finance

This unique opportunity will:


  • Increase clarity in your career and decision making
  • Boost your network with valuable and lasting connections
  • Expand on your access to Accounting & Finance career opportunities
  • Cultivate your perspective and self-awareness 
  • Improve your likelihood of making good career decisions
  • Increase your ability to draw on others for solutions to problems


The CFO Incubator will allow participants to become part of a network of like-minded professionals. The strength of the CFO Incubator is in the community created by the quality of people involved. The program will allow you exclusive access to The CFO Incubator Alumni events with current and past alumni on various thought leadership topics to progress your professional career.

CFO Incubator breakfast session (2)

Google Reviews

James Roberts

I cannot speak highly enough of the advice and support Greg O’Shea, Greg McKenzie and team have provided me in my recent career move. In the end, my role was not secured through AXR, but Greg O’Shea was willing to help behind the scenes on my behalf and I am convinced that this got my foot in the door. To me, that’s a sign of a recruitment team that truly cares about the candidate experience and about fostering genuine relationships. I look forward to staying connected with AXR and working together in the future.


CFO Incubator Program Directors

Greg O'Shea

Accounting & Finance

I am a Founder and Executive Director of [axr]. I lead the Accounting & Finance Practice and specialise in CFO, Senior Finance & Accounting recruitment for ASX listed businesses, PE enterprises and multinationals. I am also one of the Program Directors for the [axr] CFO Incubator.

Greg Madden

Career Advisory and Transformation and Change Management

I am one of the Founders and an Executive Director for [axr]. I lead our Career Advisory and Transformation practice and specialise in Accounting, Finance and Business Transformation Recruitment. I’m also one of the Program Directors for The [axr] CFO Incubator.

Callum Jones-Bray

Accounting & Finance

I am a Associate Director who specialises in Senior Finance and Accounting recruitment for FMCG, commercial and industrial sectors. I’m also the co-host of the [axr] Finance to Leadership program and career podcast, “Your Future in Finance”.

Rick Jacobson

Accounting & Finance

I am an Associate Director specialising in Senior Finance and Accounting recruitment within the commercial and industrial sectors with a focus on property, retail and private equity. I am also the co-host of the [axr] Finance to Leadership Incubator and career podcast, “Your Future in Finance”.

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Our mission is to prepare people to have better career conversations, to make great career decisions, to enable individuals and organisations to get the best return out of their relationship.