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The next day I was a Manager!

by Greg O’Shea

This is a sentiment we hear a lot.

I remember the first day I was told I was being appointed a manager, it was a similar feeling to the birth of my first child when my wife and I were ushered out of the maternity ward – Now what? Where is the manual?

One of the things that continues to amaze us is the number of businesses that set their employees up for failure with a lack of support and training as they transition into management roles. This can have a detrimental effect on the individual and the team.

If you read our blog on “transitioning to a manager” there are a number of tips that appear, including:

  • Addressing your new relationship with previous co-workers – you’re the Boss!
  • Actually, take an interest in people and where they want to go
  • Get rid of the Clown / Joker hat and be professional
  • No gossiping
  • Define the roles of your team members
  • Establish ground rules on how the team will function

While these may seem obvious to most people, the devil is in the detail: how you deliver it; the execution.

To assist in this transition, [axr] has created the Finance to Leadership program (F2L) as part of our CFO Incubator suite. The program is aimed at candidates making that move in to management and leadership roles.

The program’s mentors will come from our CFO Incubator Alumni. They will share their career experiences, good and bad, providing valuable insights in to how they transitioned in to a leadership role.

Each program will be made up of a series of breakfast sessions and be centred around a Q&A style format. The objective is that participants are active and have the opportunity to ask the hard questions in a closed environment. The program will be run twice a year and is limited to 10 participants.

If you are interested in finding out more please visit our web page for the Finance to Leadership program or The CFO Incubator .

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