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The CFO Incubator with Shane Gannon, CFO Mirvac

by Angela Young

It was a pleasure to launch our sixth season of The CFO Incubator with Shane Gannon, who is the CFO of Mirvac. He has extensive experience in leading the finance function in publicly listed company environments and assisting with the restructuring and turning around of underperforming businesses. 

Shane provided valuable advice over the breakfast session on a variety of career questions asked by the group. He recommended that Senior Finance and Accounting professionals should always be honest with themselves and if they think something is wrong or off, don’t ignore it. Describing them as potential ‘Steve Smith’ moments, Shane suggested that if speaking up about an issue that concerns you results in you losing your job, then it was not the right job for you.

Shane congratulated our CFOI participants for being potential CFOs as he thinks “it is the best job in the world where you are exposed to a broad range of experiences”. He encouraged the group to consider “is it something I will enjoy?” when considering a role and to make sure you partner with a CEO who you value and can learn from.

Watch to find out what Shane had to say when asked to give his three top pieces of advice for up and coming CFOs.

We would like to thank Shane for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share his wisdom and experiences on becoming a CFO to our future CFOs.
If you would like to find out more about the program please visit The CFO Incubator webpage.

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