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The CFO Incubator with Adrian Whiting, CFO Toga

by Hazel M Bennett

It was a pleasure to have Adrian Whiting who is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the TOGA group of companies, present to the current season of The CFO Incubator participants.
He commenced his career at Ernst & Young where he spent 9 years in audit.  Becoming a partner at just 29, Adrian then spent 12 years as a Partner for PKF Chartered Accountants.  Adrian joined TOGA 10 years ago as their interim CFO and was in the process of finding a permanent placement for the role when management decided he was the best person for the job.  
TOGA is a diversified property group that includes development, construction, property investment, asset management, and hotel management. The company owns significant private equity business investments, numerous commercial, hotel and retail properties, and a residential development pipeline of several thousand apartments. 
Adrian spoke to the CFO Incubator participants in great detail about his involvement in the evolution of Toga. He explained his role in guiding the private company through the GFC, creating governance and his part in expanding the group into what it is today.
He provided several pieces of advice to those who wish to become a CFO in the future. Watch Adrian’s top 5 tips to aspiring CFOs below:

We would like to thank Adrian for his insights into being a CFO for a private company and his detailed advice to our current CFO Incubator group.

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