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The CFO Incubator Season 8

by Greg O’Shea

The CFO Incubator Season 8 Mentors

We have recently completed our eighth edition of the CFO Incubator and ever grateful to our speakers: Brad Soller, Michael Ferguson, Aaron Canning and Gill Larkins who gave up their time to help aspiring CFO’s hear what it takes to get to the CFO chair. 

All speakers were asked what three pieces of advice they would give to aspirational CFO’s and a number of themes resonated. Firstly, do something you are passionate about, Secondly, don’t be afraid of taking a risk and doing something outside you comfort zone and finally, there is no substitute for hard work – give everything your best.

Our thanks also goes out to the finance and accounting professionals that attended the event. Their questions and enthusiasm was fantastic and assures that the accounting & finance profession will be left in safe hands.

Watch the video of the 3 pieces of advice each CFO gave to those aspiring to become a CFO:

1. Brad Soller, CFO of Metcash

2. Michael Ferguson, CFO of Downer

3. Aaron Canning, CFO of Blackmores

4. Gill Larkins, CFO of ASX

We would like to thank each of the mentors for their wonderful insights and their honest and genuine advice to the group.

Are you wanting to become a CFO and would benefit from first-hand advice from a mentor who’s already achieved success?

The CFO Incubator program is designed for accounting and finance professionals looking to take the next step in their careers with access to leading CFOs over a series of intimate breakfast sessions.


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