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The CFO Incubator Season 10


The [axr] CFO Incubator mentors for Season 10

The CFO Incubator aims to create the CFOs of the future. It’s a career program where a future leader will hear about the career journeys and advice from leading CFOs, from various leading Australian organisations to help them make better career decisions towards becoming a CFO. We created the program to also provide long-term support for individuals wanting to build their careers and network.

This year presented its challenges for organising networking events. However, we completed our tenth season of the CFO Incubator as our first online edition.  We transformed all our career programs into online programs to help our accounting & finance professional community prioritise and grow their Accounting and Finance careers by hearing the career learnings of leading CFOs.

We are grateful to the CFO and Non-Executive Directors who, despite the upheaval of 2020, made the time to help aspiring CFO’s by sharing their career advice on what it takes to become a CFO in Australia:

  • Carole Campbell, Non-Executive Director
  • Nathan McLachlan, CFO Kimberly-Clarke
  • Simon Carlyon, Group CFO Questas
  • Lucas Barry, CFO Greencross

We want to thank each of the CFOs for their insights and genuine career advice to the group on how to become a CFO. Thanks also to the finance and accounting professionals who attended the online events and who continue to help us grow the CFOI alumni community. Watch the video below as each CFO and Non-Executive Director shares their top 3 tips to those aspiring to the CFO chair and beyond:

  1. Carole Campell, Non-Executive Director

  1. Nathan McLachlan, CFO for Kimberly-Clarke

  1. Simon Carlyon, CFO for Questas 

  1. Lucas Barry, CFO for Greencross


Do you want career advice on how to become a CFO or Non-Executive Director?

The CFO Incubator program is designed for senior accounting and finance professionals looking to take the next step in their careers with access to leading CFOs over a series of exclusive sessions in 2021.



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