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The CFO Incubator Mentoring Breakfast with Brett Houldin, CFO for QSR Holdings

by Hazel Martinez


In the CFO Incubator's second mentoring session Brett Houldin, CFO & Executive Director for QSRH offered fantastic insights into his career journey and success.

It is fascinating to see someone who has achieved so much in such a short space of time, and being honest in sharing his approach and learning curves. He spoke about role of the CFO and the importance of understanding you're not “just an accountant”, managing up correctly and understanding the role of the Board. Brett highlighted the need to "own" your career by exceeding expectations, continually seeking feedback, learning from your mistakes and challenging yourself to gain more exposure and opportunities.

We would like to thank Brett for his insights on developing your career and managing a business and his thorough approach to answering our incubator's questions about their careers.

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