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How to run your job search like a PRO


Hopefully, you read my lead up article on this topic ”Pre-job search boot camp training tips”. If not, you should do so before taking the next step as getting the fundamentals correct is important. Assuming you’re prepared, this is what you should do now that you’re up and running in your job search. The process can be daunting, particularly if you have either mentally switched off from your previous role or have been made redundant, but if it’s done correctly it will lead you to your perfect next role.

1. Network, Network, Network

Recruiters – Yes, we are disliked by many BUT you need to get to know the relevant recruiters in your field and get in front of them. It’s time-consuming but important, particularly as the job market is quite fragmented with a multitude of suppliers. Once you have met a relevant contact and you feel you have a good working relationship with them, stay in touch! The benefit of building a long-term relationship is that you now have someone with the right expertise working with you to look for your next role, open new doors and help you find what you want.   

Personal contacts – think beyond your best friends and the person you trust next to you at work. Get out there and confidentially talk to as many people as possible letting them know what you are looking for and why.    

2. Job boards and LinkedIn account activity

You need to be across different sources and you need to be fairly vigilant. This does not mean applying for every job, connecting with every recruiter on LinkedIn, but it does mean looking weekly, making relevant industry contacts and applying for relevant roles. Remember the relevant part. If you are from a small company background it’s unlikely an ASX50 (and vice versa) will consider you for the role even if you can “technically do the role”.

3. Prepare for an interview and then prepare some more

You have an interview for a role that you feel is a strong fit. Fantastic! These opportunities might be few and far between for the right roles. Interview preparation should be 3 – 4 hrs and it involves a multitude of areas that go beyond matching your skills to the job description and reading the company description. Think about how you conduct yourself in an interview and how you will act. Body language, attitude and choice of language will be critical in determining how successful you will be. For many people, this aspect of an interview can be the most difficult. To be completely prepared, read our interview tips in the [axr] Career Optimiser which is a system providing you with the insight and tools to maximise your ability to manage your career. 

4. EQ, not IQ will be a key driver in your success

The ability to manage relationships as well as your own emotions when it comes to career challenges and opportunities is important for career success. Through application, you can improve and it is to a certain extent a learnt skill that you must develop. Find out why it is important in the blog by one of our CFO Incubator’s EQ vs IQ: which one is the key to a successful career.  

5. Stay positive – It should not be a full-time job looking for a job

This can be difficult. If you look at the job vacancies you can feel there are lots of opportunities that fit your brief. On the flipside, there are lots of candidates as well. A job search can be a taxing period of your life but if you let your job search get you down it shows in the interview and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

A job search takes time, for senior candidates anywhere between 3 – 12 months is normal. For those of you who have been made redundant or have relocated to Sydney: do something else to help keep yourself positive and most importantly, so you can answer the question “what have you been doing” in your interview in a proactive way – Volunteer, learn a language or learn to surf. What you do is not as important as long as you are actually doing something.

Unfortunately, the perfect job won’t normally land in your lap. Hopefully, with these tips, you will run a best practice job search and you will be well prepared to find your dream job. 

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