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How to improve your communication and build your personal brand remotely


As part of [axr]’s commitment to helping professionals grow, we thought it would be a great time to discuss a number of challenges professionals are currently facing. One thing that has always been a challenge is communication and maintaining and building your brand. Working remotely has now created additional, different obstacles for professionals.

We organised for our Director, Greg O’Shea to chat with Emily Kucukalic from Brand New You, a branding expert, to run a live workshop with great tips and pointers on how anyone can be a more effective communicator; engage with stakeholders remotely and improve your personal brand.

Some of the key takeaways from the session included:
  • Brand has impact, presence, influence and historically how we are perceived is: 38% the way you speak, 55% physical presence, 7% content or what you say. In our new “virtual” environment, the 7% has got a lot more importance and you have to make sure you adjust your manner of speaking and physical presence for online meetings to continue to have presence and make an impact in the virtual room.
  • Costume is still important and “dressing for success” still applies. Most people don’t expect a suit and tie. However, research has shown it’s the routine of getting up and being well presented that will make you feel confident if you feel and look good.
  • A personal brand can now override a corporate brand because your personal home is on view. Companies have to trust individuals to represent them so your background for any virtual meetings is important.
  • Force yourself to be in the moment. Listening. Be mindful of your listening “filters” to avoid getting distracted. People want to make a genuine connection and this is more difficult to achieve in our virtual world so pay attention. 
  • Making a great first impression during your virtual job interviews is going to be more important than ever. Be prepared that there will be more stages to the interview process to “virtually” meet with key stakeholders. Greg provided great tips for current job seekers in the video below.
  • Personal development at this time is important. Don’t get sucked into social media. Don’t binge Netflix. Don’t do things that turn yourself off yourself – use this time to reconnect with yourself.

Thank you to Emily and Jo from Brand New You for their authentic and practical insights to how we can all adapt to continue to be effective communicators and build our personal brand virtually. If you missed the session, watch our recap video below from the live workshop below or if you would like a copy of the workshop notes and test links mentioned by Greg and Emily in the video please contact us.

Do you want to improve your communication and build your personal brand remotely?

For anyone interested in building their personal brand further, we can provide you with an accelerated online program to help you answer these questions and help you advance your career.



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