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Finance to Leadership Breakfast with Kylie Hatch

by Abe Batavia

Our third Finance To Leadership [F2L] program was addressed by Kylie Hatch, the Financial Planning & Reporting Manager at George Weston Foods (GWF) – Tip Top Division.

Kylie started her career with KPMG Sydney and rose to Senior Manager with her strong performance and can-do attitude, which also saw her take on a 3-year international secondment to the UK and Switzerland during her time with KPMG. Kylie then made her decision to move into commerce choosing Valspar Paints, and then moving on to GWF as a senior finance leader.

Kylie discussed how she has handled certain situations in her career and the lessons she learnt from them. Some of the key topics she explored with the group included: identifying qualities in your managers that you can take on board when working out your own style and approach in the future; major challenges one can face when moving between different working environments; effective ways of managing a team while going through an organisational restructuring phase; techniques and approaches for building team engagement and up-skilling existing teams; and the key attributes that she looks for when hiring someone.

In closing, Kylie highlighted her top 3 tips for being a strong team leader:

1. Investing as much into your team as you expect to get back and taking the time to build strong connections with each team member

2. Understanding what motivates your team and keeping this in mind when planning your approach

3. Taking the team on the journey – explaining your goals/what success looks like to you and why you are taking certain approaches to different matters etc.

We thank Kylie for presenting to our [F2L] group and sharing her key tips for success in the career journey towards being a better finance leader.

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