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Finance to Leadership Breakfast with Jennie Yamamoto

by James Chapman

We kicked off the second series of our [F2L] program with the brilliant Jennie Yamamoto, Senior Finance Manager for Stockland.

Jennie discussed her career with the group, from her time at KPMG to her secondment to London and how she transitioned from the Big 4 to industry including the transition from Group Finance to Commercial. Jennie brought a lot of energy to the group and was extremely open about the challenges she has faced so far, giving meaningful insight on how she has positioned herself for promotions; how she has dealt with difficult stakeholders and how she has shielded the team from them. She also described how she has benefited from mentorship throughout her career.

The attendees brought up meaningful topics of discussion with Jennie, who was more than happy to oblige with what she had learnt throughout her career, with a lot of topics currently affecting finance professionals coming to fruition. The group really delved into how she found the opportunity to transition from Group Finance to a more Business Partnering role, which is a key concern amongst most professionals that we are currently working with at that level. Another topic which was of much interest to the participants was how she managed to upskill and retain her team throughout business transformation cycles, and how to keep morale intact while others are being made redundant.

We really enjoyed having Jennie on board to launch series 2 of [F2L] and received excellent feedback from the group on how beneficial it was to have her insights and energy brought to the table. If you would like to find out more about our [F2L] program, please visit our web page for the program.

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