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Finance to Leadership Breakfast with Eden Skyring

by Matthew Crossley

Our second session for our current series of the Finance To Leadership [F2L] program was addressed by Eden Skyring, General Manager of Finance at NOVA Entertainment.
Eden’s career started at PWC where he progressed through to manager level before he took an opportunity to work with Lend Lease. His career continued in a steady upward progression as he worked through a number of roles at Lend Lease, then Brookfield before moving to NOVA Entertainment where he is currently the GM Finance leading a team of 14 across the full remit of finance.  
Eden’s overview of his career and insights were well received by the participants of F2L. His 3 key tips for success were:
  • Manage your CV. Ensure your experiences follow a logical and upward path with a continual focus on building your skill set. Avoid working for multiple companies over short time frames but consider your next move when you feel you have nothing to add to your CV.
  • There’s no such thing as a bad culture. Working in challenging environments provide a point of difference and can demonstrate a candidates adaptability and resolve to succeed in various work environments.
  • Have a single focus to develop and build great teams. A leader can only succeed when they trust their team to perform. Provide open communication channels, demonstrate succession planning in practice and celebrate team achievements.​​

Eden’s key takeaways and insights were all relevant towards our participants making the next step in their career. 
We would like to thank Eden for his contribution to the program and we certainly enjoyed having Eden on board for this series. 

If you would like to find out more about our program visit our Finance to Leadership webpage.

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