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Finance to Leadership Breakfast with Daniel Papallo

by Abe Batavia

Our first Finance To Leadership (F2L) program was addressed by Daniel Papallo, the Commercial Strategy & Projects Manager at Qantas Loyalty.

Daniel's career commenced in the Chartered Accounting profession and progressed to senior roles with Macquarie Group and Qantas Australia. He is also a member of the Chartered Accountants Charities & Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee.

While talking about his career, Daniel shed some light on the opportunities and challenges that he faced when transitioning from a Big 4 chartered accounting firm to a financial services environment, and then finally into a commercial environment within the airline industry. He discussed how each of these roles impacted on his career, his key learnings and how he dealt with the cultural changes and key relationships in these organisations.

Daniel focused on some of his key personal attributes such as recognising and learning from your mistakes and staying authentic and true to yourself, which is something he has maintained throughout his career.

Daniel also shared with the group his experiences in doing pro bono work for the Chartered Accountants Charities & Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee and talked about how exciting and rewarding the experience had been. He highly recommended that everyone take some time out and be involved in a not-for-profit organisation of their choice.

We are grateful to Daniel for sharing his candid perspectives and advice on how to accelerate professional advancement.

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