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Finance – the change management and transformation challenge

by Jan van der Meer & Greg Madden

The change management and transformation challenge in organisations is ever present and generally overwhelming. The diversity, pace, complexity, and scope demands that any program is complex and needs to be persuasive, agile, and integrated.

In many cases, either by plan or by default, the senior finance executive is tasked with responsibility for the delivery of many of the programs undertaken in any organisation. All of this, while still delivering on the day job!

It is challenging for the senior finance professional to keep up with contemporary trends and the latest methodologies. That is why we have organised a series of boardroom breakfasts/lunches to create a forum for keeping abreast of the latest concepts and sharing your own experiences.

The subject matter to be addressed by keynote speakers include:

  • Assessing and planning a transformation
  • Building change readiness capabilities
  • Effectively managing transformation
  • Benefits realisation and monitoring
  • Innovation
  • Trends in Outsourcing/offshoring and shared services  

We will then provide you with more detail for each forum, the topic and keynote presenter.

If you would like to attend any of these boardroom forums, please register your interest by clicking on the link below.

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Find out more about our Transformation and Change Management Practice or contact our Business Transformation Principal Consultant, Jan van der Meer directly to discuss.

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