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Distance for a Difference Charity Ride 2016: Great people riding for a great cause.

by Greg O'Shea



After four days and over 600KM’s we finally made it back to Lithgow. What a fantastic trip spent with a brilliant bunch of people, doing something for a great cause.


This year the Day of Difference tour had a special vibe to it. To me it started when Sophie Delezio handed out the rider’s kit and we all got to see what a beautiful young lady she has grown in to. 

As a veteran of four tours it was great to see a mix of new and old faces all sharing common goals – to raise the support network for critically injured kids and their families as well as getting both mentally and physically through four big days of riding.


After managing to climb a small hill out of Lithgow that felt like Everest on Day 1 we got to enjoy some of the beautiful NSW scenery before arriving at Orange Hospital to meet the awesome team that look after all the sick kids. They are the unsung heroes. An evening celebrating St Patrick and loading up on performance enhancing Guinness ensured we all had the energy to get through Day 2.


Day 2 saw us head west to Dubbo where we managed to do a lap of the Zoo. What a fantastic place and thank you to the staff for welcoming us. Day 3 was spent on quiet roads to Mudgee where we spent the afternoon at Peter van Gent vineyard before sprucing ourselves up and heading to the Mudfest for the short film festival – great night! Day 4, not so good – late night, sore head and head winds saw us arrive at Lithgow in a state of satisfying exhaustion – AKA knackered.


As always, these events are a great way to meet new people, raise awareness and funds for a great cause and learn something about yourself. There is a massive amount of satisfaction that comes from doing something good and helping people.  


If you would like to donate or find out more about the ride please click on the Day of Difference icon below. Hopefully I will see you there in 2017.




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