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CFO Incubator with Anita Hoskins, CFO Carnival Australia

by Greg O’Shea

We were thrilled to have Anita Hoskins, CFO Carnival Australia, join us for our second breakfast presentation as part of our CFO Incubator series.

Anita gave an open and honest account of her journey to CFO. One of her strengths that she highlighted was resilience or as she put it “the ability to take a punch in the short term and avoid one in the long run”. This trait has allowed her to gain broad experience and develop her career. She recommends for professionals to be able to not just “survive” but thrive in change. 

Her three key pieces of advice to those aspiring to become a CFO:

  • Know yourself – Work out was is important to you. What you do or don’t want to compromise on.
  • Say yes to opportunity – Unless you have a really good reason to say no. Be open to new opportunities.
  • Expect the unexpected – You can’t prepare for everything

We would like to thank Anita for taking time from her busy schedule to share her journey with our participants and providing her perspective on reaching the CFO chair.

If you would like to find out more about our program visit The CFO Incubator webpage.


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