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CFO Incubator Breakfast with Colin Storrie, Deputy CFO Woolworths

The first of [axr]’s CFO Incubator sessions for 2016 was held this week and was very well received. Colin Storrie joined us to kick off the current program and we learned about his journey to the Deputy CFO chair at Woolworths and his insights into mentoring. 


[axr]’s Greg McKenzie is a veteran of the accounting and finance recruitment game and was a great choice to host the first breakfast of the season and pick Colin’s brain about the topics that are relevant to our group of CFO Incubatees. 


Colin discussed how different mentors had an impact his career choices and the importance of taking the mentoring relationship seriously. He gave a really good insight into the relationship between a CFO and a deputy CFO, and how their skills and strengths should complement each other. Finally, Colin discussed what he considered were the most important aspects, which our CFO Incubator group needed to take away from the morning in relation to continuing their careers.


Colin’s story was inspirational and a fantastic start to CFO Incubator for 2016. If you would like to find out more about our program please visit our CFO Incubator page.

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