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CFO Incubator Breakfast with Alistair Bell, CFO for Graincorp

by Hazel Martinez


Alistair Bell presented his outstanding career journey to the CFO chair, starting in the Big 4 and making his first move from the profession to be an ASX CFO at age 33.

Alistair is currently the CFO for Graincorp Limited, a complex global business of over 4000 employees that is always changing and is exposed to on-going external market forces.

He has worked in many organisations that have faced constant strategic challenges and took our CFO Incubator group through the consistency of change; effective transformation and how to leverage this into organisational growth.

Alistair provided numerous models and score cards that he adheres to and practices with his team to ensure he is a successful company and people leader on the Global corporate stage.

We thank Alistair for his contribution and openness in sharing his story and sharing his key tips for success in the career journey towards being a CFO.

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