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[axr] Transformation & Change Management Breakfast with Aadil Abbas, CEB

by Jan van der Meer & Greg Madden

As working professionals, we are introduced to new ideas on a regular basis. It is rare that an idea or concept really grabs your attention. At the [axr] Transformation and Change Management breakfast last week, Aadil Abbas, of Gartner/CEB, presented the latest research on the very compelling topic of Transformation and the factors that make some programs succeed while a large number continue to not deliver the expected results. 

Aadil discussed examples from a selection of leading global organisations and proposed new ideas on how to approach Transformation. He focussed on the concept of Open Source Change within enterprise-wide transformation and change programs.  Aadil explored a range of strategies and concepts to make transformation initiatives successful, the most compelling being V2MOM, an open source change methodology developed by Salesforce. It provides an inspiring organisational vision to align all employees with common change goals and engage them in contemplating their own goals within the transformation. They use the organisational vision as a “North Star” to guide and focus them on what they can do to achieve success. This methodology struck a chord with many attendees because of its simple structure and effectiveness.

With over 80 senior Finance and Transformation professionals joining the conversation some robust discussions took place around the room. The level of interest in this event is an indication of how critical the successful delivery of Transformation has become to everyone in the current rapidly changing business environment, and we look forward to organising the next event.

Now it is about putting ideas into practice which is never easy but in this case worth the effort!

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