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[axr] Personal Branding Breakfast with Emily Kucukalic and Doug Kelsall

by Tom Agnew

On 19 June 2019, I attended a breakfast event hosted by [axr] Director, Greg O’Shea and Emily Kucukalic, who is the founder of Brand New You, with special guest, Doug Kelsall who is a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Experian.
Together, Emily and Doug addressed a group of aspiring Finance leaders on the subject of building one’s personal brand. Over the course of an hour, the group unpacked the fundamentals of brand, looking at both the functional and emotional components that comprise personal brands. 
The five theories of self was up next, but thankfully the psych-theory was kept pretty light!
We talked about impressions and how presence can be practiced and mastered. What impressions do you create in others? How are you perceived? Well, start by soliciting feedback: “How do you perceive me?”
Emily and Doug believe there is no difference between one’s personal brand and one’s work brand, in our connected, tech-enabled and emotionally-driven world. All media is public, regardless of privacy setting. And the classic distinctions based on stereotypes of extrovert and introverts? Irrelevant. Phew.
Great brekkie chat with some great speakers, thanks [axr] for organising!  Tom Agnew

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