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[axr] Data and Analytics breakfast with Tim Trumper, Quantium

by Jan van der Meer

We were pleased to have Tim Trumper present to 80 of our senior clients on the very topical and relevant subject of Big Data and Data Analytics. 
Tim is an experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director and CEO with a background in high-performance companies specialising in Big Data, Internet, E-commerce, Financial Services and Media.   He is also an Advisor to Quantium, who provide data analytics to some of the world leading brands. 
Amongst many insights, Tim made it clear that the customer is central to developing long term value creation strategies. Utilising Data and Analytics as part of a strategy to understand their needs and behaviours is critical to ongoing success in today’s fast moving business world.  There is no argument for knowing less about your customer and your business. We thank Tim for his thought provoking presentation and insights to the group.

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