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4 Keys to success for a Business Transformation

by Jan van der Meer


We recently hosted a Boardroom Lunch with a group of Senior Transformation professionals to discuss some of the challenges of delivering successful transformations and what they have found has helped them to drive successful change.

Some of the key components that these experienced Business Transformation and Change Management professionals discussed as being crucial to success include:


  • There are two aspects to leadership – firstly your own leadership of the program/transformation and secondly the role the Business Leaders play in driving transformation.
  • Build a diverse group of engaged and empowered “experts” with a mix of soft and hard skills who can focus on their areas of expertise.
  • Structure in collaboration and share to create better solutions and refine ideas.
  • Support Business Leaders to understand their role in leading transformation – they need to be the figurehead, they need to talk to their people and they need to show the transformation through their actions as well
  • Show interest in their expertise and keep thinking just ahead, enough to feed their energy and capacity so they know you get their area and they feel they need to keep up with you.


  • Open communication is the only way to lead change!
  • Communicate outcomes, successes, and steps on the journey – it helps build momentum.
  • Attribute success to the team, delivery partners, detractors, everyone you can.
  • Communicate what is failing and why.
  • Create channels for safe, open and unfiltered feedback.
  • Tailor the communications to the different stakeholders.


  • Be aware of those who “want” to deliver transformation versus their “capability”.
  • Capability to bring about change isn’t always apparent until you get into it.
  • Internal specialists can be difficult to get on board with changes as they know the current process so well.
  • Some specialists are unique and think differently – how can you identify and leverage that?
  • Intent to be part of the transformation is easy but take the conversation to commitment ASAP.
  • Look after and support everyone.

Process and Rhythm

  • Keep the right structure and rhythm around change – read the “tea leaves” daily so you are constantly reviewing and you understand what is going on.
  • Find the sweet spot for the situation to help you – cultural, organisational, sponsor, stakeholders.
  • Be prepared to adjust by the week – things do not go according to plan when you are transforming.

At any scale, a successful Business Transformation requires a cultural shift in communication, collaboration and highly engaged leaders, who take control of the organisation’s future.

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