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Tips on keeping your internal talent motivated after redundancies


Redundancies are never easy, however, increasingly they are becoming the norm in today’s business landscape. In many cases, they have become a necessity for businesses to survive and thrive. For finance and accounting professionals, they are more commonplace, with businesses viewing finance as a cost, that when necessary can be cut. So, when faced with the prospect of a redundancy how do you deal with the aftermath and keep those who are left motivated?

1.    Plan ahead

With the prospect of upcoming redundancies, it is hugely important to start planning for the fall out as soon as possible. Keep your staff as informed as you can to quash the rumour mill that can spook employees. It is important to explain to the team why the restructure has come about, if you have any hope in rebuilding post restructure it is vital that those who are left have bought into the changes.

The planning process also should involve your expectations as well, you need to understand that there may be collateral damage regarding those top performers you are hoping to keep.

2.    Re-engage and rebuild a strong culture

Team culture plays a major part in the overall enjoyment of staff in the workplace. A poor culture can lead to disillusionment and lack of motivation for employees. It is important to reinvigorate the team and show them that the culture is still strong and positive in the wake of the redundancies. This can be through various means, from re-emphasising the vision of the business moving forwards, acknowledging your team’s feelings post restructure and organising team building activities to lighten the mood. Read our tips in our blog, Engage for success: Understanding Employment Engagement

3.    Lead from the front

In the wake of redundancies, the remaining staff will inevitably have to pick up extra work and responsibilities. This may lead to extra hours while they learn new skills and get used to the extra workload. You will need to consider who has spare capacity and who has the right skill set rather than just spreading the work across everyone and make sure you get involved to help the team. 

Your employees are the future of your business and the key to success is ensuring they are happy and motivated in the workplace. Redundancies will always be tough and cause collateral damage across the business, however, by focusing on those who are left you can bounce back and become stronger as a group. Lastly, make sure you look after your own well-being so you don’t become a casualty yourself. 

Have you dealt with redundancies? What did you do to keep your team motivated?

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